Best for travel in Canada

From the Pacific coast to the Atlantic Ocean, Canada is as vast as almost twenty times the size of France. It is difficult to define this great country: there is a rich and industrialized Canada, another wild one; an English-speaking Canada close to its American neighbor, and another French-speaking one, which claims its particularity; a mountainous country in the west, and a flat country in the east; a country dressed in white in winter, but which reveals its colors during the Indian summer; an authentic country which has many modern cities: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver… The forests are sometimes dense and interminable (on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River), sometimes sparse (in the Okanagan). The mountains are sometimes steep and impressive (in Lillooet), sometimes soft and rounded (in Bic). The lakes can be huge (the Great Lakes), or human-sized (around Edmonton). Water is omnipresent. It can be blue (Okanagan Lake), green (Hector Lake) or dark (Lac Saint-Jean), cold (in Victoria) or warmer (in the Baie des Chaleurs). But if there is one constant in this country, it is Canadians, warm, welcoming and supportive. It’s hard to imagine those who came to settle on this land without limits or fences, … Continue reading Best for travel in Canada